[Linux-aus] [ucc] manbo Upgrade Status Report - Thu Oct 20, 2005

Davyd Madeley davyd at madeley.id.au
Tue Oct 25 11:58:02 UTC 2005

  manbo Upgrade Status Report - Thu Oct 20, 2005

>From the manbo Upgrade Team:
  James Andrewartha	TRS
  Nick Bannon		NTU
  Davyd Madeley		PXY

As of Thu Oct 20, 2005:
  PXY confirmed that the grant from LA was paid into the UCC's account.
  NTU reports that parts for manbo upgrade have been ordered from Phoenix Tech
  Group in the US. Manifest is:
  	6x	Sun X2602A CPU/Memory board
	14x	X2680A 400MHz CPU
	1x	100MHz clock board
	1x	X2612A SBUS I/O board
  Which comes to USD$965.00. Shipping via FedEx adds an additional USD$291.00.
  Subtotal USD$1256.00 -> AUD$1689.87
  	+1.5% for currency conversion into USD
  	Total AUD$1715.55
  NTU has paid for this personally and will be issued a cheque by the UCC
  committee when banking is next done.

  It was found that six CPU boards, the clock board and one of the I/O
  boards in manbo were unsuitable for upgraded CPUs, so additional upgraded
  parts were required. Additional funds from the original purchase of manbo's
  RAM were available and the UCC will allocate additional funds if it cannot
  secure further member donations.

  Funding Status:
  	$  253.66	previous member donations ($200 marked as unreceived)
  	$ 1300.00	Linux Australia Grant

  This leaves a $161.89 shortfall (assuming all previous donations are paid).
  PXY, DAG and TRS have indicated willingness to donate.

  Experiments will be conducted to better balance manbo's heat and power load
  on the UCC. Temperature logs are now online:

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