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James Purser purserj at k-sit.com
Fri Oct 21 11:22:02 UTC 2005

I whacked this up on my blog and I thought I would post it here:

My god has it really been four months since the podcasts started?

In that time, we've produced seven episodes of the LA Update and five of
the lug roundup. In total the casts have been downloaded over three and a
half thousand times (not including when we were hosting the files on my
poor ADSL connection).

We've spoken to a really diverse range of people, from some of the high
mucky mucks (and I use the term with fondness), to the people on the
ground who are using F/OSS to further enhance their communities.

Karins been talking to LUGs around the country finding out what has been
going on. I think this is important, maybe even more than what I do. The
LUGs are a core part of what makes F/OSS work. Even in these days of a
more corporatised community, LUGs are often the first point of contact for
people who want to know more about Linux and F/OSS and what it can do for
them. Just have a look at the recent successes of Software Freedom day.

The main problem that we have run into, Karin more than myself, has been
getting people interested enough in contributing. When we started doing
this, I did expect a level of inertia, it was a new idea, not sure if it
was going to last and so on, however we can now say that we are here to
stay so use us. The LUG Roundups are a perfect way to promote your LUG,
whether it's as a full on LUG in Focus talk or just having your events
read out so that people can find out what is going on.

For those of you who have a project that you are involved in and would
like to promote it, then let us know, the LA Update is not only downloaded
locally but we have listeners from as far a field as Germany and Mexico.
Or if you have news relating to F/OSS in your local area that you would
like to let people know about then contact us, we are here to help promote
you and your projects/groups/whatever, if you have questions for people
that you would like answered then let us know.

If you happen to read this and it sparks something then drop us a line:

You can get Karin on lugroundup at k-sit dot com (demangle as necessary)
Or myself at purserj at k-sit dot com

Or you can skype me, I usually have it on most evenings and my skype name
is purserj1977.
James Purser
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