[Linux-aus] LCA 2006 Embedded Miniconf - Call For Participation

Tim Ansell mithro at mithis.net
Tue Oct 18 02:39:02 UTC 2005

LCA 2006 Embedded Miniconf - Call For Participation

Firstly I apologise to people who receive this email multiple times.

After the success of the Embedded Miniconf at LCA 2005 we are happy to
announce that the 2006 LCA will also be hosting the Miniconf. This year
the Miniconf will be bigger, better, longer and even more fun for
everyone involved.

This is a call for participation in the second Embedded Miniconf which
will be part of the LCA 2006 conference in Dunedin, New Zealand. The
Miniconf will be run over two days on the 23rd and 24th January 2006
preceding the LCA 2006 main conference.

All presentations, case studies and tutorials should be related to one
(or more) following themes,
 * Using Linux on embedded devices (including both handheld or other
similar consumer devices and more traditional devices)
 * Development targeting embedded hardware using Linux
 * Development of embedded hardware using Linux 

Any topic which fits the themes mentioned above is allowed. Some of the
suggested areas of interest for presentations are:

* Using or developing Open Embedded
* Using or developing for devices using Open Embedded, buildroot or  
  commercial Linux distributions
* Developing software with a PDA GUIs such as (but not limited too) GPE
  and Opie
* Development of, or using uclibc and ucLinux
* Development of, or using gcc or other compilers for ARM, MIPS or PPC
* Changes in the Linux kernel to fit embedded constraints
* Satisfying real time requirements (both hard and soft) using Linux
* Using Linux tools (such as GDA or pictools) to develop hardware
* New embedded products being developed using Linux (or running) Linux
* Other open source operating systems on embedded hardware

Presentations which are very strongly encouraged are listed below. If
you believe you are in a position to give such presentations please send
a proposal as detailed below as soon as possible.

* A tutorial which demonstrates setting up Open Embedded from scratch
* A tutorial in adding new packages or distribution to Open Embedded

To submit your proposal please follow the following instructions. For
the most up-to-date version of the submission instructions can be found
at the Miniconf website (http://www.openembedded.org/miniconf/).

Please email the miniconf-proposal at mithis.com with the following

* The name of your presentation
* How long your presentation is, 25 minutes, 50 minutes or "open ended"
* If your presentation is a tutorial or talk
* A short summary of the material that will be in presentation
* Your name and contact details
* Why you are qualified to give this presentation

Your proposal must be sent before the 4 December 2005 in order to be
considered for inclusion in the conference. 

It should be noted that selection of papers will start before
submissions end. This means that the earlier you submit your proposal
the better chance you have of presenting. 

*** It is _much_ better to submit your proposals earlier and have
additions later then to wait ***

Please note that the Embedded Miniconf forms part of the LCA 2006 main
conference held by Linux Australia. This means that you must register
for LCA 2006 attendance to speak at the conference. 

** Miniconf speakers are considered _normal_ attendees and have to pay
the normal fees **. 

For further details regarding registration and accommodation for LCA
2006, please visit the LCA 2006 web site (www.linux.conf.au).

Speakers will be notified, at the latest, by 1 January. A confirmation
email of receiving your proposal should be received no more then 3 days
after you submit it. Most speakers will be notified soon after (or even
before) the 4th of December.

We hope to see both new and old faces and welcome everyone to come along
and make this Miniconf great!

Tim Ansell aka Mithro
Embedded Miniconf Organiser

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