[Linux-aus] Fwd: Teleconf 2005-10-04

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Thu Oct 13 08:42:02 UTC 2005

Hi James,

<quote who="James Purser">

> >   * Press team: anyone around?
> > Pia has spoken to James Purser about revitalising the press team, and
> > he's very interested. Maybe give him access to update the press
> > section of the LA site and include a written synopsis of the
> > podcastsso there's always up to date content there.
> Nice to see, yup I put my hand up for the Press Team, I've been talking
> to Pia about a couple of ideas for making the press area a bit more
> accessible and interesting for both our Journalistic friends and the
> wider community.

I've now given James and Karin access to adding to the news and press items
(which is a blog) and they are already updating that (yay!). I think the
next step is to say:

James we'd love you to take on driving some press direction for LA, to round
up the people interested in writing foo, saing their piece, or who have a
passion for investigative journalism :)

It'd be great to get your ideas posted here and for anyone else with ideas
about how we can:

- get our community better known
- get our messages out there
- ensure that the message of FOSS community is not lost in the tidal wave of
  the business case messages for Open Source
- keep our community connected and informed

My ideas are:

- LA should be doing monthly reports to linux-aus (Jon :)
- The podcasts could be extended to have a written version of each episode
  somewhere on the LA site (a complete rework of the press page is in order)
- Regular articles in magazines and online media about Linux and what is
  happening in Australia as written by our community. This would involve a
  team of people interested in writing positive useful stories every month
- We should ensure that when cool things happen around the world, that we
  have reactive press to support them
- We need a press plan, something that outlines all the event in a year that
  we want to cover and the media we want to be in regularly. It should be
  like a release schedule (I've caught the disease from Jeff) with months,
  events in Australia and events around the world pencilled in.


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