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James Purser purserj at k-sit.com
Tue Oct 11 19:58:02 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-10-11 at 21:32 +1000, Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> Hiya everyone,
> This isn't very exciting but we decided it was probably worth making
> the weekly teleconf notes public in the interests of full disclosure
> and maximum, err, ... I don't want to say it - oh ok, here it comes...
> transparency  ;-)
> These are the notes from the committee teleconf on 2005-10-04 with a
> couple of minor edits for privacy reasons.
> If any of the issues in this lead to further discussion please start a
> new thread with a relevant topic.
> Cheers    :-)
> Jonathan Oxer
> =================================================
> Notes from the meeting.
> Present:
>  Jonathan Oxer
>  Mark Tearle
>  Geoffrey Bennett
>  Pia Waugh
> Invited:
>   Mike Beattie
>  * LCA update
>     - registrations
> Fingers crossed that they'll go live at the end of the week, providing
> the speaker selection notifications is cleared up. The CommSecure link
> needs to be sorted out so Mike will talk to Tony about the correct
> person to contact. Mark said it's William. Jon has been dealing with
> William and Ying at CommSecure over the last week on a totally
> unrelated issue but will stay out of the situation at this point to
> prevent multiple-contact confusion.
>     - speaker notifications
> Mike will be pushing really hard over the next couple of days to get
> it ready. If it's delayed much more he'll send an update email to the
> paper submitters to let them know things are still rolling along.
>     - sponsors (inc RDP)
> Mike to ping Tony for an update.
>      - partners program
> Not much to report, some things coming together.
>     - linux.conf.au domain
> Unfortunate timing that it died just before registrations open but
> Mike had already been told many times not to rely on it so he's not
> freaking out. Would be nice if it's going soon though. Jon has sent 2
> emails to KRE but hasn't had a response, although a back-channel
> message indicates that KRE will be putting the domain back in place
> albeit on a strictly time-limited basis.
>     - transferring funds
> Mark will set up a NZ$15-20k transfer tomorrow.
>   * CeBIT press release
> Jon has been working with Con at OSIA and Martijn at HFA to get the press
> release ready for tomorrow. Messages to David Purdue at AUUG have gone
> unanswered, but Pia suggested talking to Liz instead [edit: turns out
> David had been rather busy with their own conf that opens in 2 weeks,
> so not responding on this issue was quite understandable!]. The press
> team (press at linux.org.au) have been CCd on a number of emails but
> no-one has responded to assist with preparing the release, which leads
> to:
>   * Press team: anyone around?
> Pia has spoken to James Purser about revitalising the press team, and
> he's very interested. Maybe give him access to update the press
> section of the LA site and include a written synopsis of the
> podcastsso there's always up to date content there.
>   * Grants update
> The SLUG video grant will be made out to SLUG directly. A new grant
> application has been submitted by Kylie on behalf of Computerbank
> Melbourne: Pia pointed out that Computerbank Melbourne is a functional
> organisation who could be expected to manage the project well.
>   * APEC Education Foundation project: Pia mentioned a proposal that
> was just forwarded by email to have LA oversea a project to equip
> community centers in remote areas with computing facilities. Funding
> would be cash from APEC and in-kind services from LA (volunteer
> sysadmins, etc), and the project would involve a paid administrator
> (management, not system!) to oversee the process.
> ==================================================

Nice to see, yup I put my hand up for the Press Team, I've been talking
to Pia about a couple of ideas for making the press area a bit more
accessible and interesting for both our Journalistic friends and the
wider community.

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