[Linux-aus] linux.conf.au domain

Glen Turner glen.turner at aarnet.edu.au
Mon Oct 3 21:55:02 UTC 2005

Simon Lyall wrote:

> I really don't think so. While I realize that conf.au is a bit of a monkey
> domain ( within the overall dodgyness of .au ) without working whois
> servers and inconsistent name server records it *really* does appear that
> linux.conf.au has fallen off the map.
> Specifily the name servers for conf.au are rip.psg.com , munnari.oz.au and
> (sometimes) mulga.cs.mu.oz.au . Queries to all of the show that they have
> no record of linux.conf.au.

Yep, it has gone.  I assume Rob has cleaned up the zone
files for the odd .au domains (the serial number for
conf.au is 2005 10 01 00).

The linux.conf.au domain needs to be renewed before each
LCA conference.  The conf.au rules state that the domain
is for use by conferences in the period immediately
surrounding the conference, so linux.conf.au has always
been pushing the bounds of the rules.

Every year we have this problem. Every year we assume
that AuDA will finally get their act together and
transition .conf.au from the old scheme to AuDA within
the coming year.

Drop Robert an e-mail at hostmasterATmunnariDOTozDOTau with
a request to register linux.conf.au for the coming conference.
Please be suitably polite (see note about pushing the rules).

Note that we already have an agreement with AuDA that
when .conf.au does transition to AuDA then Linux Australia
will be grandfathered the linux.conf.au domain.  I think
there's also a trademark application to reinforce that

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