[Linux-aus] Re: [Announce] Fwd: Linux Australia needs *you!*

Darryl Bond dbond at nrggos.com.au
Mon Nov 28 10:45:02 UTC 2005

It might be what I ran into. If postfix is configured with 
reject_unverified_sender it will reject.
The on receipt, the postfix server then attempts to send an email in the 
reverse direction. If successful it drops the attempt and forwards the 
real email, if not it drops it as SPAM.

The maillog looks like this when the reverse attempt occurs:

postfix/smtp[16879]: CBDAFFCB5: to=<linux-aus-admin at lists.linux.org.au>, 
relay=lists.linux.org.au[], delay=31, status=undeliverable 
(host lists.linux.org.au[] said: 451- is not yet 
authorized to deliver mail from 451-<postmaster at nrggos.com.au> to 
<linux-aus-admin at lists.linux.org.au>. Please 451 try later. (in reply to 
RCPT TO command))


Leon Brooks wrote:

>On Saturday 26 November 2005 17:50, Jonathan Oxer wrote:
>>>I tried subscribing three times now with no apparent success.
>>I'm not sure what happened there, maybe one of the admin team can
>>figure it out.
>Maybe a slightly misconfigured mail server between LA's server and 
>Matthew's inbox? It's the most common cause, anyway.
>BTW, a warm welcome to the 75 new people who've signed up since Jon 
>posted his broadcast. I'm expecting more signups today as people arrive 
>at work and see his message for the first time. Jon, have you added 
>that call to your 'blog yet? I don't see it on Planet LA 
>(http://planet.linux.org.au/ for those not yet aware of it).
>LA is once again entering a new cycle of renaissance, and I'm glad to 
>see y'all arriving to join the snowball.
>Cheers; Leon

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