[Linux-aus] Bootable CD-based Linux Hardware Tester

Jason King pizza at netspace.net.au
Thu Nov 10 20:57:02 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-11-10 at 14:15 +1100, Avi Miller wrote:
> Hey gang,
> I'm looking for a good hardware testing system. I'm having intermittant
> failures on a PC (either segfaults or kernel panics in various locations)
> and I can't really seem to narrow it down to a particular component. The
> kernel panics don't seem to be coming from a specific driver.
> Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of a Knoppix-style bootable CD with a
> hardware testing package onboard?

is there a program you have in mind?

if you know of one , and a google search isn't fruitful , I can probably
stick it on a disk for you.  I think you'll find memtest86 already on
the disk.

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