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Re: [Linux-aus] LWE Marketing Strategy

quote("Jeff Waugh");
>I've just finished watching the last scenes of Team America: World Police
>over lunch, and was inspired to develop a marketing plan for LA at LWE next
>  Linux Australia: F*CK YEAH!
>Other suggestions? Please discuss.

Followed up closely afterwards with "Everyone has apt"?

		Everyone has apt!
		apt apt apt!
		apt apt apt apt apt apt!
		Everyone has apt!

		And so this is the end of our story
		And everyone is saved from propietry software
		It took from me my best friend
		My only true pal
		My only bright star (he died of propietry software)

		Well I'm gonna march on Washington
		Lead the fight and charge the brigades
		There's a hero inside of all of us
		I'll make them see everyone has apt

		My father (apt!)
		My sister (apt!)
		My uncle and my cousin and her best friend (apt apt apt!)
		The gays and the straights
		And the white and the spades

		Everyone has apt!
		My grandma and my dog 'ol blue (apt apt apt)
		The pope has got it and so do you (apt apt apt apt apt)
		C'mon everybody we got quilting to do (apt apt apt apt apt)
		We gotta break down these baricades, everyone has apt!