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Re: [Linux-aus] LWE Marketing Strategy

Andrew Cowie wrote:

On Thu, 2005-19-05 at 14:59 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:

Other suggestions? Please discuss.

It occurs to me that a principle task we would have at LWE would be
simple identification and differentiation. *We* have some idea of what
"the community" means, but no one else does. Nor are they typically
likely to care, off hand. So, we will probably have to focus on (at
least implicitly) answering:
What are you?
What does Linux Australia do?
Why are you here (at this show)?
Why should I care?
And what do you want me to do as a result?

Also, following our experience at the Edexpo we would have to ask:

Is our booth and staff message consistent throughout our promo material?
What action do we want visitors to take on the day?
What can we give visitors to take away and consider at a later date?
What is our follow up?

Preparing a short video/IT presentation.
Preparing a consistent overview as an introduction to conversation.
Preparing large, bold and simple graphics looks effective!

As to why are you at the show? To get immediate feedback, overcome misconceptions, accelerate decision-making and build awareness.