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Re: [Linux-aus] 2005/04/22 Committee Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Hello world,

A couple of follow up notes on things that have come to light since the meeting:

Anthony Towns wrote:
Mr Russell indicated the most concerning issue, which should become live
either this year or next, is the implementation of the
anti-circumvention measures resulting from [...]

The next Open Source Forum in Sydney, planned for the first week of next month, covers this topic:


Mr Russell indicated that there had been no activity on the fair use
front, beyond some brief media attention resulting from some comments by
the Attorney-General Phil Ruddock in February. Mr Russell also indicated
it wasn't clear that Linux Australia has a direct interest in this area.

From correspondence with the Attorney-General's department, it seems the issues paper for this inquiry should be released in the next few days on the department's website (www.ag.gov.au).

8. UPS for Digital
9. Change of registered office

We've also had some more progress on these issues, more info RSN. :)


Anthony Towns <secretary@linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia Inc