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Re: [Linux-aus] Re: Yet more conference action: OSDC2005

Matthew Palmer wrote:
LCA: Those who make OSS
OSDC: Those who use OSS to make software (OSS or otherwise)

SAGE-AU: Those who admin OSS (and other) systems

LWE: Anyone who pays people to go to the previous two conferences

For values of two approaching three. :)

There's also the AUUG conference which overlaps all of these areas a bit; AUUG2005's theme seems to be "The Conference for Unix, Linux and Open Source Professionals".

There's also AUUG's Open Source Symposiums, though that might not still be running; it might've been replaced by the "Australian UNIX Developers Symposium, Adelaide" which is happening next month. Both those might be better classed as "local" conferences rather than national ones. There's also loads of special interest conferences/gatherings happening too, such as the Open Source Forums and the Open Computing in Government conference.

(It's also possible that OSDC should be thought of as a local conference for Melbourne, and that it'd be a good thing if there was such a conference once a year in both Melbourne and Sydney, and maybe elsewhere too...)