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Search engine eases trawl for open source code 

By Stuart Finlayson 

May 17, 2005: A new search tool has been launched that is designed
solely to help users identify and access open source code on the
Internet. In what it claims is the first free search engine of its kind,
Koders.com provides developers with an easy-to-use interface to find
existing solutions to complex software development problems and discover
new OSS (Open Source Software) projects. 

Developed by U.S. company Koders, which specialises in the creation of
tools and services that facilitate code reuse, Koders.com allows
developers to identify and access millions of lines of code that can be
leveraged for their development projects. Developers can learn by
example - reviewing code written by the world’s best developers, working
on the most successful projects. 

Koders.com helps developers navigate the rich but fragmented open source
landscape by indexing thousands of open source software projects and
more than 190 million lines of code at leading universities, consortiums
and organisations including Apache, Mozilla, Novell Forge, SourceForge,
and others. Users can search by keyword, language, and license, or
perform advanced queries using enhanced syntax. Search results are
displayed in a developer-friendly format that makes it easy to
understand the code in its original, working context. 

Quantifying the benefits of using open source projects within enterprise
environments in terms of cost savings and productivity gains has long
been a challenge for developers and IT managers. Koders.com also
provides assistance in this area with its Project Cost Calculator that
estimates the cost to develop each open source project, enabling
developers and managers to better assess build-versus-buy alternatives
when considering the use of open source projects in their larger
development efforts. The Project Cost Calculator also provides
developers with a quantifiable perspective of their contributions to the
open source community. 

“The ever-increasing adoption of OSS is a clear indicator that
enterprises are more and more concerned with effectively implementing
code reuse programs. For enterprises that are deploying critical
initiatives such as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), or Web
Services, effective code reuse is a fundamental capability and best
practice. Koders technology helps IT develop and apply that expertise,”
stated Jorn Teutloff, co-founder and acting vice president of Koders.
“By mining existing source code and repurposing such code for their own
projects, developers and IT managers will realise immediate productivity
gains and the ability to bring applications to market faster, with fewer
errors, and at reduced development cost.” 

Additionally, beta testing is currently underway for an enterprise-level
solution that will enable organisations to gain a comprehensive view of
their source code asset base. 

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