[Linux-aus] Software Freedom Day

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Thu May 5 13:10:03 UTC 2005

Hi Anthony,

<quote who="anthony hornby">

> Hi Pia,
> I think you have just provided the date for our next Installfest / FOSS
> day up here in Darwin :-)


> Whats involved in running LPI exams, and what would likely costs be?

Exam costs are quite low, and there is some training material available
at http://openeducation.org.au (and more are about to go up). We are also
setting up LPI.org.au which will be ready for the public viewing within a
few days. It has a great booking tool anyone can use and procedures all up.

Basically for each exam we have to give ~$20 to LPI themselves, and then we
try to cover the costs of the proctor who holds the exams, and the venue.
For instance in Sydney this is easy as we have free venues and proctors
available. In Darwin we should be able to easily fly someone up to hold some
exams, and then train someone up to be a proctor so they can proctor exams
themselves. All exams have to be registered on the lpi.org.au site as of next 
week, and that way we can keep an eye on numbers and costs back to LPI. This
means we can hold exams for about $60 each, depending on numbers, where LPI
exams at VUE or Prometric are about $150-$200 each. 

Linux Australia took this affiliate-ship on as we thought this a good
service to offer the community, particularly as LPI is vendor and distro
neutral. Other certifications are also quite good, but often too expensive
and narrow in content for people. Anyway, if interested I'd happily fly to
Darwin to proctor your exam on Software Freedom Day :)


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