[Linux-aus] Yet more conference action: OSDC2005

Jonathan Oxer jon at ivt.com.au
Wed May 4 12:49:02 UTC 2005

It seems we've got confs coming out our ears at the moment!

Tonight is the wrap-up meeting for the OSDC2004 (www.osdc.com.au)
organisers combined with the "let's get into gear" meeting for OSDC2005.
I was on the Papers Committee last year and I expect I will be again
this year, so I'll be going along to the meeting.

Once again, if anyone has thought on the whole LA/LCA/OSDC/LWE
relationship please let me know. My personal take on it is the various
confs can and should cooperate to reach different audiences with
different goals:

 * LCA: hard-core Linux developers, covering a spectrum of kernel and
userspace technologies.
 * OSDC: developers using open-source at a slightly 'higher' level,
primarily userspace technologies including those intended to run on
proprietary platforms.
 * LWE: business focused, showing off the best Linux-based products and
services to the world at large.

I don't want to see these various groups get into a competitive
turf-war: I'd rather see cross-pollination of the groups with at least a
couple of common members and a loosely-recognised affiliation even if
they run largely independently.

If anyone vehemently disagrees with me, please say so!

Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer

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