[Linux-aus] Re: [SLUG] Edexpo helpers

Ken Wilson kenwilso at ozemail.com.au
Fri May 13 19:43:01 UTC 2005

Will get out when I can with  some Unbuntu discs but working Friday and
Sunday night with sleep in between somewhere
Sara from ABD Computer Installations wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Thank you to those who have contacted myself or Pia regarding their
> attendance at the Ed. Expo this weekend.
> To date our helpers have not only offered their time in distributing
> handouts and talking to visitors but will be providing all sorts of
> interesting demos on the day - rock on guys!
> These are the wonderful characters offering their expertise over the two
> days:
> Mohammad Kaan
> Pia and Jeff Waugh
> Chris Deigan
> Lindsay Holmwood
> Telford
> Craige McWhirter
> Grant Parnell
> Craig Warner
> Bruce Badger
> Craig Warner
> Jamie Honan?
> Dan Tracey?
> (Geoffrey Robertson, are you in hiding?)
> If you would like to see your name along with these it's still not too
> late to let myself or Pia know and it would allow us to better organise
> and brief everyone on our plans and goals for the weekend.  Along with
> attracting parents, teachers, principals and students, other exhibitors
> should not be missed!
> Due to the limit on exhibitors passes Linux Australia has kindly offered
> to reimburse anyone who assists over the weekend, the sky's the limit on
> this one.
> We'll be meeting up between 8am-8:30am for those who want to set up
> machines in the booth and those who will be on the floor in halls 1and 2
> need to be in place before the first visitor arrivals at  9:30am,
> afternoon help is also an option if you have other commitments.
> It looks to be a very exciting weekend and we're sure there are still
> many of you who can make this expo even more successful.
> Sara

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