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I'd like some media training.  

Why I'd like the training:

I have represented the open source community on a number of occasions, including before the Senate Select Committee on the FTA, and as a director of Open Source Industry Australia Limited.  I am also  approached for comment on open source related issues from time to time by journalists and present papers regularly on open source.  Media training would assist me to properly craft and to more effectively communicate the open source message in these and in similar circumstances.  

What would I provide to the community with such training

Such training would allow me to be a more effective advocate of open source.  I intend to take an active role over the coming months on the proposed China-AU FTA, as well as on the implementation of the A-US FTA.  It would also be reflected in the papers and presentations I give. 


Brendan Scott

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Hi all,

Linux Australia is putting the LCA2006 guys through some media training, and
as part of our contribution to the community, we are offering some positions
to people who are becoming involved with the media and are doing 
Linux/Open Source foo. If anyone in the OSIA list thinks that they can do
some good for the community with such training, please post to
linux-aus at linux.org.au with why you'd like the training and what you would
attempt to provide to the community with such training. I believe that OSIA
and the wider community would benefit by having some OSIA active members
trained to deal with the media, particularly with the FTA and other issues
coming up in these crazy times :)

The training will be on the Wednesday of LCA and close to the location.
It'll be a full day of training, and by an extremely good IT media
training professional. Thus far we have a few LA ctte members, a few LCA2006
organisers, and some other community people, so we still have a few places


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