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Canada is still suffering in many sectors from US hammers applied to our
economy. FTA's haven't done us much good, with the US tariffing our
lumber, banning our farm products, etc. The only thing an FTA with the US
does is make it easier for the US to import from us the products *they*
want at the prices *they* want.
Take a look at the Canadian lumber industry. The US tariffs have been
ruled illegal (by a panel that included, in fact, Americans) and yet
pressure on the Canadian lumber industry continues, and I don't think
anyone would ever expect the US to give back the money they're taken in
illegal taxation.

FTAs with the US benefit the US. Any benefit to your own country would be
a happy side-effect, and probably only last so long as your gov't doesn't
cross theirs in some way.

>Man, you guys certainly have the smarter government. Frustrating that the
>Aussie gov is not able/willing to stand up or at least attempt to understand
>such things.


<quote who="Andrew Cowie">

> On Fri, 2005-25-03 at 13:11 +0800, Chris Pudney wrote:
> > From slashdot
> > <http://yro.slashdot.org/yro/05/03/24/2243232.shtml?tid=123&tid=17>:
> >
> > " The Canadian government has reportedly said no to the DMCA. It released
> > its plans for copyright reform today with a limited anti-circumvention
> > provision that would not cover the likes of DeCSS. It even avoided the
> > U.S.> > "notice and takedown system" that has caused a big headache for U.S.
> > ISPs.> > A good summary is available from Canadian law professor Michael Geist. "
> >
> > If Canada, which has a "free-trade" agreement with the USA (as part of
> > NAFTA) can reform its copyright legislation then Australia can/should
> > too.>
> As I understand it, the Canada-US FTA (later expanded into NAFTA) didn't
> include intellectual property provisions, whereas the Australia-US FTA
> does.
> Nevertheless, if it holds up it will be a surprisingly firm stand on the
> part of the Canadian government. Good for them!
> AfC
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