[Linux-aus] Media Training

Pia Smith greebo at pipka.org
Thu Mar 24 08:01:02 UTC 2005

Hi all,

Linux Australia is investing in some media training for the LCA2006 guys and
a couple of the LA ctte members, so that both groups can be better prepared
to kick ass in promoting LCA and Linux! We are running the media training at
LCA (so it is easy for everyone and the NZ-ers can come) on Wednesday the
20th. It is a tutorial day. The location is close to the LCA location, so it 
won't be too hard to get to. We are opening the offer to Aussie 
developers/projects who feel they need help with media training, as there are a 
few places available, and we see this as another thing LA can do to help the 
Aussie Linux community to rock. :)

If you are interested, or think you know a project that needs the help,
please post it here on linux-aus and hopefully in the next few weeks we can
get some consensus about who needs the training. If there are heaps of
projects that seriously need this service, Linux Australia might be able to
run another session under the Grant Proposal Scheme to help the community

Examples of good candidates might be people who are finding their project is
getting lots of press, or people dealing with journalists and need some
help with how to deal with interviews and press releases. Also maybe you do
some work for a non-profit that does Open Source work and you feel that the
media training could help you with the non-profit. Perhaps you are keen to
get the training in order to start some Open Source advocacy work. We want
to hear how you'd use the training, and how you think it'd be beneficial to
the broader community.

Rock on Australia,

Linux Australia                                         http://linux.org.au/

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