[Linux-aus] HOWTO organise a linux.conf.au

Michael Davies michael at msdavies.net
Fri Mar 18 00:27:02 UTC 2005

Hi LA Committee (and CC'ing linux-aus in the spirit of openness :-)

I think it's about time that we should manage the transition of
linux.conf.au conferences between cities better.  I know we have the
"Ghosts of Conference Past" meeting to help in this process, but it's a
lot for the organising committee to take in over a weekend (from
experience :-)

I reakon we should create a "HOWTO organise a linux.conf.au" document, to
help future conferences so that they don't have to work out everything
again each year, and so Linux Australia can also make sure the spirit of
LCA is maintained year-to-year[0].

When I was on committee last year I was tasked to do something like
that[1], and Pia made a very good start with a "The Roles and
Responsibilities of linux.conf.au" document.  I think we should continue
that document, and burden future conference organisers with the
responsibility of updating it with lessons learnt :-)

There are lots of small things like sponsor management, remembering to
provide lots of GPO outlets for laptops, knowing that t-shirts over XXXL
are hard to come by, the lead times required for merchandise, how to deal
with 419'ers, what a sample budget looks like, how to handle public
liability insurance, how to deal with the media, policies regarding
speakers, keeping microphones away from Conrad :-) etc etc etc.

What do you think?

Now don't read my rantings as me volunteering to write such a beast :-P 
I'm happy to help with the effort though.

Just IMHO,


[0] ...which Dan Shearer, Lindy Bennett and myself promised ourselves to
co-author, but never got around to doing as we were in post-conference
therapy :)
[1] whoops.
michael at msdavies dot net

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