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Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue Mar 1 17:26:02 UTC 2005

Bret Busby wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, Michael Still wrote:
>> Leon Brooks wrote:
>>> As was I. And businesses looking for a little low-risk training to 
>>> reduce their fear of taking a leap of faith.
>> Yes. And people wanting to do the low risk training off their own bat.
> Now, there's a possibility for a topic for a 
> seminar/presentation/whatever - Training.

Yes. One of the educational institutions in the ACT has expressed 
interest in using a user conference as a form of accredited course which 
would give their students credit towards a tertiary qualification.

> One of the possible sponsors mentioned, Novell, provides training. LPI 
> provides certifications. Red Hat provides certifications at different 
> levels. PLUG has previously considered (I can't remember whether 
> anything came of it) holding its own training/certification course(s), 
> that were (I think) similar to the LPI or RH certifications. Some of the 
> individual applications, provide, or have available, training and 
> certifications (eg, MySQL has its own certifications, training and 
> certifications, exists for Perl, and PostgreSQL). Perhaps, if a user 
> conference is to be held, a session or sessions, could be held, to 
> advise regarding training and certifications that are available 
> (notsomuch saying that any company's particular training and 
> certifications, are better than any others, but informaing as to what is 
> available).

Yes. I welcome someone putting in a paper submission on the topic -- it 
sounds like a worthy one to me.

> I think that knowledge of the availability of such things as training 
> and certification, and who provides the facilities, etc, could be useful 
> for Linux Users to have included at a Linux Users Conference.
> Also, depending on whow susch a conference or conference network, is to 
> be operated, such a seminar/presentation could have appropriate local 
> flavour (availabe in the easterns states, are ...; available overseas 
> are ...; available across the Internet are..., and, available in Perth, 
> are...).

Perhaps. I'd like to see a simple event fly first. Baby steps.



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