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Stewart Smith stewart at linux.org.au
Thu Jun 9 14:59:02 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 13:56 +1000, Morgan Tocker wrote:
> I'd be happy to help by providing that one hour or so. I'm guessing it
> might be a little more effort if we wanted to generate some reports
> off the data.

Cool - first step would be setting up memberdb on a development machine.

best bet is to grab it out of arch and install.


the latest revisions require MySQL 5.0 and PEAR::DB. the debian/ubuntu
pear package is fine. grab the mysql 5.0 binary off the website.

(there is currently a bug in mysql/memberdb - depending on how you look
at it - that causes some problems, but won't for you)

To get a start:
- add a file in authenticated/
 - something like survey_salary.inc
- add it to pages.inc
- copy & paste a simple form (like edit member, i think that's one of
the simplest)

> Out of curiosity, this forms magic, is it anything similar to Pear's quickform?

yes, it is a bit similar. Arguably it would be a good use of my time to
go and adapt the PEAR one to incorporate what extra stuff I want.

> The disadvantage of not relating members to surveys is we can't
> withdraw the previous record if their salary changes.  Perhaps a "can
> only vote once every six months" policy is in order....  or create a
> new survey every 6 months or so, and they can only fill out that
> survey once (I believe that is what stewarts proposed structure
> supported).

yes - once, or once/time period sounds sane.

Will we get anything statistically valid out of this? probably not. Will
it be an interesting exercise - i hope so. Will it generate some code
that could help with other things (e.g. "LCA feedback", "where should we
donate some money to") - i hope so!

Stewart Smith (stewart at linux.org.au)
Committee Member, Linux Australia
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