[Linux-aus] Salary Survey

Morgan Tocker tocker at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 11:58:02 UTC 2005

> The safest way to integrate with membership stuff (i.e. will prevent
> spammers, will prevent people from skewing results by entering
> information many times) would be:

Hi Stewart,

I'd be happy to help by providing that one hour or so. I'm guessing it
might be a little more effort if we wanted to generate some reports
off the data.

Out of curiosity, this forms magic, is it anything similar to Pear's quickform?

Perhaps we can come up with a proof of concept offlist, but continue
discussions as to what categories should be available on list.

The disadvantage of not relating members to surveys is we can't
withdraw the previous record if their salary changes.  Perhaps a "can
only vote once every six months" policy is in order....  or create a
new survey every 6 months or so, and they can only fill out that
survey once (I believe that is what stewarts proposed structure


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