[Linux-aus] Grant: libferris

Del del at babel.com.au
Mon Jun 6 14:01:02 UTC 2005


Just so nobody goes ballistic over this and thinks I'm doing it behind
anybody's back:  I've offered Ben Martin the money that he needs for
his monitor to code on libferris.

I don't really want to enter into the debate on whether a grant for coding
is a good or a bad thing for LA to offer, or the relative merits of this
case, because those are already being looked at.  I also don't want to
undermine Ben's effort to get funding from LA in this or future cases, but
I thought I'd let everyone know what's going on.

The issue is entirely OSS/commercial funding:  Babel Com Australia sells
services based around file serving, and one of the useful tools that a
file server can have installed for various reasons is libferris.  'cos
we make money selling stuff that may currently or at some stage include
libferris, I'm happy to throw money at Ben for that.  If he needs a new
monitor then he can have one out of our company funds.


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