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Re: Grant request status? (Re: [Linux-aus] Grant request: Australian Twisted Sprint)

On Mon, Jul 25, 2005, Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> Hi Mary,
> > Is there any chance you could immediately update the page to
> > indicate that after the public discussion period grants will still
> > be subject to the decision of the committee, particularly in cases
> > where the monthly limit is exceeded by that month's requests?
> It does actually say that already (just above the 'Process' section is
> a section called 'Exceptions' which notes the points above) but the
> 'Process' section should be fleshed out a bit to make it all clearer.

That would be useful thanks. My own preference for these things is a
timeline, which I guess would look something like this:

Day 0           : Submit grant request to linux-aus
Days 0-14       : Discuss and defend grant request on linux-aus
Day 14          : Grant referred to committee.
Day 14-X        : Discussion of grant by committee
Day X           : Last day for decision by committee and notication of

I imagine the value of X would be either 21 or 28, but obviously this is
not decided yet.

Another thought is that you might like to publish a guide for linux-aus
on evaluating these grants. Something like a list of questions to
consider in their response. ("Do you think any part of this grant is not
justified?" "Do you think this grant request is reasonable compared with
previous grant requests [of which you can find a list HERE]?" "Do you
think we should make this grant?") I imagine that this would make it
easier for you to get comment on grant requests which in turn lessen the
decision-making burden on the committee.