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Re: Grant request status? (Re: [Linux-aus] Grant request: Australian Twisted Sprint)

On Mon, Jul 25, 2005, Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> As a result we're still smoothing out the exact process for how to
> deal with the situation. The process defined on the LA site will no
> doubt need to be refined and updated as we sort out the realities of
> dealing with more applications than we can financially support.

Is there any chance you could immediately update the page to indicate
that after the public discussion period grants will still be subject to
the decision of the committee, particularly in cases where the monthly
limit is exceeded by that month's requests?

It's been rather unnerving to have had complete silence on the subject
of my grant since Jul 1 when the initial request went to the committee,
only to be told after what I thought was the complete process that I am
now subject to a separate and as yet completely unknown process, an
unknown timeframe, an unknown notification procedure and unknown
criteria :)