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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive in the Territory?

sorry for the late response - busy week.

Darwin has the facilities to do it - we have large conferences in town
regularly. The possibility would even probably exist to have it hosted
at the university where I work. They like publicity ;-)

The issue is the number of "willing bodies" to do the conference
organising etc. At the moment it would be impossible for DarLUG to
supply the manpower. I really liked the proposal to put up on the
website the experiences of former committees and what worked / didn't
work and how much was involved. It would be a very useful tool for
groups considering putting forward an LCA hosting proposal. It gives you
a rough project scope to work with and would help enormously with
focusing volunteers & potential supporters on the task.

It is also something that people affiliated with large organisations
(like universities) could take to the organisations marketing /
management arms as part of a business case for that organisations

As to Alice - better ask AsLUG ;-)
If we get more organised we might be able to pool resources with them -
who knows ... 

Regards Anthony.

On Mon, 2005-07-04 at 08:37 +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:
> On Monday 04 July 2005 07:52, anthony hornby wrote:
> > as secretary of a small LUG in Darwin I know just how hard a few
> > committed people end up working for the good of the many. It can be
> > particularly annoying after all that good will and hard work to have
> > a few people shout from the sidelines "but I think you should have 
> > ...." after the fact.
> Hear, hear!
> > If you can do it better then-do-it and run for election next time
> > round, jump on that "burnout" treadmill <grin>, in the meantime
> > support your LA make current events a success whether you agree
> > entirely with their direction or not.
> Hear, hear!
> And... as a local, can you comment on the feasibility of holding a 
> 500-person conf in The Top End, or The Alice, or at The Rock?
> Cheers; Leon

Mr Anthony Hornby RHCE BIT ALIATEC
Library Systems & Technology Coordinator
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