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[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Grant Application

Grant Application

Date: 7/7/05

Project Name: Teen Challenge SA Inc-Murray Bridge Computer Training

Aim of Project: To continue providing low cost, small group computer
skills training (using F.O.S.S.) to the community.  To give away
F.O.S.S. to trainees.  To further I.T. skills as well as knowledge and
use of F.O.S.S. in rural areas.  To help bridge the digital divide.

Person Responsible for Request: Kylie Willison

Request: Grant of $1500 to provide services listed below-

5 months rent for our training room @ $200 per month (or part thereof)
1 CD burner @ approx $110 - for burning F.O.S.S. CDs for distribution to
trainees and local community
Consumables - paper, CDs, printer toner

Background: Teen Challenge SA Inc-Murray Bridge is a non-profit
community organisation.  Murray Bridge is known as a welfare town.
There are a lot of needs here in which we are endeavouring to do our
part to help.  We have been providing Computer Training, as well as a
range of other services in Murray Bridge, for the last seven years.
During this time trainees have gained employment, new skills and
confidence.  Our trainees come from a wide variety of backgrounds -
unemployed, Work For The Dole Program, elderly, farmers, parents,
Government re-deployees, disabled and more.  We work with all local
agencies - Government and Non-Government, employment agencies and
community groups to provide a professional training service to the

As well as continuing to provide computer training we feel there is a
need to also provide F.O.S.S. to the local community.  We would like to
see our trainees using F.O.S.S. in our training room and on their home
computers to further their skills in I.T. and the spread of Linux and


We have just started using the INGOTS http://www.theingots.org as a
means of certification for our students.

ITShare SA Inc also help out with hardware and software support and we
refer students to them who are eligible for a free computer.

Should you require further information please don't hesitate to contact
me.  Thank you for considering this application.

Kylie Willison
Teen Challenge Murray Bridge
Teen Challenge SA Inc

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