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Re: [Linux-aus] Spell Checker

On Monday 04 July 2005 20:11, Andrew wrote:
> Am I in the right place ??? (Just wait, let me finish).


However, if you post to the list using plain text instead of HTML, 
you'll get more answers because more people will be able to read the 

If God had intended us to use HTML email, prayers would end </amen>

> I need help with SuSE Linux 9 - I am looking for a dictionary checker
> for telnet connections (thru our app. or Putty). I have tried to
> locate ispell and aspell and a couple others with no luck.

Now that we've got past the "read the email" barrier, we face the 
"_understand_ the email" barrier. You want a program to check what 
people type into a character-based app against a dictionary?

If so, the "aspell" is one way of achieving this. Type "info:aspell" 
into Konqueror's location bar if you have both it and aspell installed. 
If you don't, then you'll need to use YAST to install both first, at 
which point I defer to the SuSE fans on this list. Aspell has a number 
of API interfaces, including C. What language is the app written in?

Cheers; Leon

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