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Re: [Linux-aus] Can Linux Australia survive?

On  4 Jul 2005, Lorn Potter <lpotter@trolltech.com> wrote:
> Leon Brooks wrote:
> >Given your persistent refusal to admit that it might possibly in any way 
> >_be_ honouring its own charter, I ask, why would I want to vote you in? 
> >Go ahead, make my day, convince me!

> How about everyone else's refusal to admit that it might actually look 
> bad to have Linux _Australia_, move linux.conf.au (notice the .au in 
> there??) to .nz (even for one year), or that it might go against what 
> the published "Charter" says is Linux Australia's purpose.

"Surprising" yes, "bad" no.

As I explained in my previous posting, LA is serving the Australian
community by running a conference.  Given the conditions at the time, it
was decided that the best possible location conference for 2006 is
outside of Australia.  Although the selection process can be improved it
seems that LA made a good choice.

> http://linux.org.au/about/charter

> I do not see any mention of the word "International", "overseas" or "New 
> Zealand" anywhere on that document.

I don't see anything forbidding LA from operating outside Australia.  Do
you feel there should be such a prohibition?  Why?