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Re: [Linux-aus] Hello everyone! and Grant Request

On Sun, 3 Jul 2005, Tim Ansell wrote:

FXS devices are still very expensive however (the cheapest being around
$AUS 70 per line). A FXS line is required for every internal phone, so
while it Asterisk might be able to get away with a small number of FXO
lines it needs numerous FXS lines.

Is $70 per line really that expensive? If so, what price is affordable?

Yes, I believe that $70 per line is out of the reach of small businesses and home offices.

Even with FXS lines you've forgotten to include the on-costs of handsets (around $70 each for workable quality ones)

Compare that with the cost of a SIP handset such as the Budgetone at around $140 and FXS isn't really such a great solution for a single

I would like at least 6 lines for my house,
* My room
* Parents room
* Sisters room
* The home office
* Dads shed down

This would cost me $420 just to setup the phone interface. I would then
have the extra costs for the Asterisk box, cable runs, etc. Then if I
was a company I would most probably have support costs.

What about Softphones?

What price would it cost you to manufacture your FXS and in what quantities?

So far the eight line interface should cost under $US 100 for an 8 line device to be build by hand.

Can we just go to the manufacturer that sells at $70 per line model and
put in a group order for 1000 units and see what discount we get?

Can you get it down to $US 12 per line? I worked at a place which was looking to do VOIP stuff, the cheapest they could get was $AUS 45 per line.


Mark -- Mark Tearle - mtearle@linux.org.au