[Linux-aus] My endorsements [Was: Nominations are Closed!]

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Sat Jan 8 12:18:01 UTC 2005

<quote who="Pia Smith">

> Cheers all, and good luck for the election which should begin in an hour
> or two.

Wow, not a lot of time for discussion of the final candidates list. So, here
is my very quick list of endorsements for this year's committee. Good luck
to all the nominees! Again, this year, we have an excellent selection of
Australia's best. :-)

> President
>     * Jonathan Oxer (jon at oxer.com.au)

Before the nominations this year, I considered the list of people who I
thought were capable and trusted enough to take on the presidency. I'm a
cantankerous, picky bastard, so it was a short list. Jon was there, albeit
with a big "would he run?" question mark next to his name, so I'm grateful
that he did. Jon has the maturity, composure and life experience to handle
the public and organisational roles required of LA's presidential office,
and I look forward to his stewardship of LA in the coming year.

> Vice President
>     * Pia Smith (greebo at pipka.org)

I'm relieved that Pia has chosen to run again, as the revived LA is still in
its infancy, and I don't think it's ready for an unassisted continuity break
just yet. That is, the baton *really* needs to be passed on well this time
around, so we can continue to trust LA the *organisation*, and not just the
people who made it great. (Disclosure: Pia is my fianceé, which may hint at
bias, but in reality, it means that I have unfairly inflated expectations of
her... Which she meets with astounding regularity.)

> Secretary
>     * Anthony Towns (aj at azure.humbug.org.au)

I'm really glad that AJ is running this year, and I think secretary is a
natural role for him. Most importantly, AJ has a very solid idea of how FOSS
communities work, and is one of the community's more prolific and skilled
writers. If there's one area that LA needs serious improvement, it's timely,
accurate and approachable official reporting to its members (see the minutes
page), and AJ has the mettle to do it right. Beyond the requirements of this
office, AJ has a great grasp of the challenges facing the Australian FOSS
community, and I hope he continues to focus on those, with the support of LA
and its committee.

> Treasurer
>     * Mark Tearle (mark at tearle.com)

Only man standing, because everyone knows he should be. :-)

> Ordinary Committee Members
>     * Tony Breeds (tony at bakeyournoodle.com)
>     * Geoffrey Bennett (g at netcraft.com.au)
>     * Silvia Pfeiffer (silvia at silvia-pfeiffer.de)

Tony, Geoffrey and Silvia come from different backgrounds in the FOSS
community, rounding out the perspective of the committee and representing
LA's membership well. Importantly, I think they can all help to promote
greater involvement of the membership in LA's projects and day-to-day

- Jeff

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