[Linux-aus] Nominations update

Pia Smith pia at linux.org.au
Wed Jan 5 12:50:01 UTC 2005

Hi Gareth,

> Are any nominees providing a profile or similar?
> For apart from Pia's excellent emails they are just names on a list.

Once you log into the http://linux.org.au/memberships/ page, and go into
the election, then you'll see what has been written about/by each nominee.
I'm happy to post the entire page of content if that would be useful to

I've already made a point of mentioning to the committee that we should
have nomination emails sent to the linux-aus mailing list as they are
made, to ensure the bridge of communication is made and everyone knows
what is happening. I realised that the election process was a little
removed from the normal methods of communication which is a pity, so next
time it should be easier. I'd also like to see the election status being
accessed without having to log in to make it simpler and more transparent.
At this point you have to log in even just to see the status. I think
logging in should be only if you actually want to nominate or accept


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