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Re: [LACTTE] Re: [Linux-aus] About a User Conference (was...)

Michael Still wrote:
I am requesting $xxx seed funding from Linux Australia, and the same amount from AUUG. The reasoning here is to spread the risk of the event, and maximise the benefits to the community and both groups.

I'm somewhat worried that having three groups (you, LA, AUUG) trying to run a single conference isn't that great an idea. :-/ OCG 05, eg, has explicitly minimal involvement from LCA and LA, and what little involvement there was seems to have pretty quickly resulted in chaos...

Chain of command.
I would report to both Linux Australia and AUUG, but would have sole delegated control of the event. Subsequent events would be negotiated between myself, Linux Australia and AUUG if this event is a success.
Liability cover would be arranged through Linux Australia's event insurance.

The way of doing it under the LA banner would be to act as a subcommittee (of one person, possibly) of LA, acting in LA's name and in accord with any directions that might come from the LA committee. That's officially the way LCA works -- the idea is that the LA ctte shouldn't be giving m/any directions because the subctte knows what it's doing.

Having a joint ctte works by having representatives appointed by each organisation, so you'd have a couple of people from AUUG and a couple of people from LA, with LA/AUUG being able to direct how they vote on any particular issue.

Having just one person on the ctte, having to answer to two different groups on how you spend money doesn't seem like a great idea. We could just run it as a grant -- ie, you ask for money up front, then run it yourself -- but there'll be continuing costs that you probably can't estimate well enough up front which probably makes that impossible.

Those'd be my qualms anyway.


Anthony Towns <secretary@linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia Inc