[Linux-aus] Are you driving a NON-Linux web browser?

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Sat Feb 19 19:04:04 UTC 2005

If so, please point it at http://goldenlight.bur.st/ and have a bit of a 
navigate around. If you see anything out of place, please screenshot it and 
send it to kaety at goldenlight bur st.

If you manage to trigger the 404 page (you'll recognise it when you see it), 
please say how you got to it.

The website is Linux-based, and has been tested using Mozilla (and other 
Geocko browsers) and Konqueror, and very fleetingly with MSIE 6 on Win2k3. 
We'd like comments from native MSIE users on Mac and Win32, Safari users, 
Opera users on any platform, and Gecko users (Firefox, Mozilla etc) on Win32.

When I say Linux-based, every pixel of it from camera to wire was collected, 
processed, edited and tested using 100% FOSS software (GIMP 2.0 for the 
graphics, since she's constantly been too busy to upgrade the system 
libraries etc required by GIMP 2.2).

The "non-splash" (mostly invisible text plus a redirector) page blurb follows. 
It is primarily intended to get bites from automata. If we've missed any 
tricks, please let Kaety know. Your feedback will help to make a FOSS-based 
showcase better. (-:

                  Welcome to Golden Light Photography

   Located in Perth, Western Australia, Golden Light Photography provides
   photo-journalistic wedding photography plus child and family portraits
   --  photographs  at all ages, from babies and children to the elderly,
   that are natural, candid, unforced and true to life.

   Photographer  Jane  Gibbons-Eyre  specialises  in  Sunday  and weekday
   weddings, and is available Sunday to Thursday for weddings, portraits,
   music and event photography.

   This  is  a  photography site, intended to display and advertise those
   images.  It  was designed for people with a reasonable range of sight,
   and  this text is only here for screen-reader software and automatons.
   If  you  live  in  Western Australia near Perth and would like to view
   some  of  our  photos in person, please contact us on 0428381712 or by
   email   to   sales  at  goldenlight  bur  st.  We  apologise  for  any
   inconvenience,  but we do not have sufficient resources to do anything
   extraordinary  to  this  site,  like  add  screader  prompts.  We have
   included  ALT  and  TITLE  tags  wherever  they  make  sense, and have
   carefully  stuck  to  using  standard linking methods to keep the site
   easy to navigate.

   Our  services  are  available throughout the metropolitan area. We are
   located  in  the Northern Suburbs but also service the following Perth

   We  cover  these  Perth  suburbs  beginning with A: Alexander Heights,
   Alfred Cove, Applecross, Ardross, Armadale, Ascot, Attadale, Atwell

   We  cover  these  Perth  suburbs  beginning  with  B:  [long  list  of
   Perth suburbs (B-Y inclusive) elided]

   Our  highly trained and energetic photographers will arrange travel to
   do   portraits,   weddings,  parties,  family  groups,  pets,  special
   occasions,   displays,   gardens  and  all  manner  of  other  sitting

   As  well  as  candid  shots  in your own home or at a convenient park,
   beach   or   nature  reserve,  We  use  a  variety  of  scenic  and/or
   natural-looking locations for outdoor shoots including Kings Park, Sir
   Harold  Boas  Gardens,  Parliament  House,  Rottnest  Island, the Swan
   River, Whiteman Park, Cohunu Wildlife Park and Perth Zoo.

   We  also  capture the best of West Aussie activities including sports,
   (WA  teams  like  the  Eagles  and Dockers as well as others) cycling,
   paintball  teams,  rallying  and racing, show cars, water skiing, hang
   gliding, parasailing, kite surfing and all kinds of other indulgences,
   performances and pastimes.

   Consider  us for all formal and informal occasions, a splash of Golden
   Light brings out the best in every individual.

Cheers; Leon

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