[Linux-aus] KMail benchmark

Stewart Smith stewart at flamingspork.com
Wed Feb 16 14:51:03 UTC 2005

Not my script, but it's a pain to find

does it a lot quicker :)

On Wed, 2005-02-16 at 11:04 +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:
> I discovered a bug in KMail which can cause it to lock, causing Xorg to 
> lock in such a way that it also (effectively, anyway) locks swap once 
> you accumulate more than 256k messages (as in 256,000 messages, not 
> 256kB of messages) in one MailBox file. Goodbye, box, hurrah for 
> jounralling file systems.
> So, I told it to move the entire 1.1GB MailBox into a (MailDir) 
> subfolder.
>     Time to enter box:                         1.5hrs
>     Time to complete Select All:               2.5hrs
>     Time to first message written in MailDir:  4.0hrs
>     Time to last message written:             10.0hrs
>     Time to delete MailBox message by message: 4.0hrs
>                                               --------
>     Elapsed                                   22.0hrs
> Nominally 2.4GHz AMD, 512MB RAM (process used about 220MB throughout), 
> 200GB 7200RPM IDE HDD.
> _Very_ happy we didn't have another power failure midway through.
> Cheers; Leon
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