[Linux-aus] KMail benchmark

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Wed Feb 16 12:25:14 UTC 2005

I discovered a bug in KMail which can cause it to lock, causing Xorg to 
lock in such a way that it also (effectively, anyway) locks swap once 
you accumulate more than 256k messages (as in 256,000 messages, not 
256kB of messages) in one MailBox file. Goodbye, box, hurrah for 
jounralling file systems.

So, I told it to move the entire 1.1GB MailBox into a (MailDir) 

    Time to enter box:                         1.5hrs

    Time to complete Select All:               2.5hrs

    Time to first message written in MailDir:  4.0hrs

    Time to last message written:             10.0hrs

    Time to delete MailBox message by message: 4.0hrs

    Elapsed                                   22.0hrs

Nominally 2.4GHz AMD, 512MB RAM (process used about 220MB throughout), 
200GB 7200RPM IDE HDD.

_Very_ happy we didn't have another power failure midway through.

Cheers; Leon

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