[Linux-aus] member signup page text

Jonathan Oxer jon at ivt.com.au
Wed Feb 16 12:25:15 UTC 2005

Hi Stewart,

> Currently, when you go to signup for membership, you get this text:
> However, this rambling on about constitutionally valid signup stuff is
> (I feel) long winded and largely unnecessary. It was originally there to
> stop people panicking about online membership applications an validity
> etc etc.

Sure, I don't see a reason to have it there explicitly stated within the
form any more. Maybe it should be stated elsewhere though, such as a
page about membership terms and conditions or something.

> We should also consider rewriting the first paragraph. We haven't made a
> list of first and last names of members available.

Yes, I don't see what purpose it would serve to publicly display a
member list and it may discourage people from joining. In fact there may
even be reasons we *can't* publish a membership list without being in
breach of the Privacy Act. Not sure about that, but in any case I can't
see any reason for this clause in the signup form.

Can anyone think of a reason not to drop it?

> Currently we only put people on a members-announce list - which is
> *only* *ever* used for the notification of General Meetings (we are
> required to do this by law).
> Is subscribing people to the announce list (or having a checkbox for it
> - default on) also a good idea?

Sorry Stewart, I don't quite follow: you say we're currently doing it,
but that we should do it? I'm not sure whether you're saying we do and
we should, or we do and we shouldn't, or we don't and we should! Must
just be my brain being fuzzy.

FWIW, I think it should be a pre-checked checkbox (passive opt-in).

Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer

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