[Linux-aus] "start anything you like" type commercials on telly?

Carrington, Mike mike.carrington at eds.com
Wed Dec 21 05:09:01 UTC 2005

Sorry to come back to this topic. Someone else mentioned that Linux
users don't watch so much television. 
I would agree with that. I do listen to the radio though.  I listen to
ABC newsradio quite often,
I know it is not exactly trendy, however, they have a technical item
they run on various nights, the science
report. They have mentioned a project or two that uses Linux (in Africa
if I remember) and had to explain 
what it is. On that, they report about gadget's and so on., but also on
projects being run. It may be an idea
to get a national view of LCA projects aired there, and also get local
coverage, in the local area.

Just a thought. Sorry if you have already been over this.

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Donna Benjamin wrote:
>>>Both, Linux Australia cannot be seen to promote one distro or vendor 
>>>over the other.
>>Then we should promote some sort of Linux event so that people can see

>>what distros they can choose.
> Whilst it is a great idea, TV advertising is Big Bucks and requires 
> careful planning. Without a specific campaign strategy based on 
> relevant market research it would be a waste of money.

Yes, I do wonder if the same amount of money spent on free CD ROMs or
community training courses or something might not be more effective.

That's an idea though... Most of the high schools in Canberra run
"community education night college thingies" which teach older people
how to use Windows and Office and so forth. Perhaps someone should be
proposing OpenOffice and Linux user courses for these colleges as well?

I would offer, but the commute is a bitch.

(San Francisco bay area)

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