[Linux-aus] Choosing the LCA '07 host city

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Fri Dec 16 22:36:01 UTC 2005

Donna Benjamin wrote:
> Whatever the current status of the Melbourne Pitch, Melbourne is the
> best place for 2007.linux.conf.au
> Why?  Because in 2006 linuxworld takes place for the first time in
> Australia... where? in Sydney. A change of scenery would be a good
> thing. The coffee is better in Melbourne. And, wait for it, we have
> Trams.

I agree that we should spread the word around by visiting it upon 
different cities so my vote would go to melbourne on this basis, however 
it seems to me that we might be able to generate some sense of 
'continuity' amongst the sydney software (support services) buyers by 
having a major linux event held there in 2 consecutive years.  On that 
basis my vote would go to sydney.

hmm am I saying I cant make up my mind?  er probably, or maybe.

gosh its just so hard!!

I vote for sydney 2007 because they are better prepared to host and 
organise it at this stage.

c'mon melbourne finger out for 2008.


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