[Linux-aus] Choosing the LCA '07 host city

Karin Purser lugroundup at k-sit.com
Fri Dec 16 17:02:02 UTC 2005

>>Given the dearth of commentary, I encourage *everyone* to make their opinion
>>heard, especially those who've actually *been* to a linux.conf.au. ;-)

Hi All,

I have not been able to attend an LCA so far and getting to Dunedin is 
not a possibility for me at this time.

I have read both Sydney and Melbournes proposals.
Sydney has an excellent proposal that oozes
excitement and copious amounts of energy. It also goes into alot more 
detail as to what is planned for the event.

My vote is to Sydney.

Karin (aka MotherLUG)

"Quote is being reviewed as the old one caused confusion"

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