[Linux-aus] Election status 2005-12-13

Jonathan Oxer jon at ivt.com.au
Tue Dec 13 06:44:02 UTC 2005

Hi LA,

Since we can't yet send automatic election status emails from MemberDB
to the linux-aus list I'll periodically scrape the election status
page and email it through so people can keep track of where things are
up to. If it's considered a conflict of interest to have a nominated
person sending out these updates I'd be happy for someone else to do
it, but in the meantime I'll do one whenever I notice a change on the
status page.

Since this is the first time the status report has gone out I'll
include all the guff that outlines the schedule and the positions but
subsequently I'll just include the nominations and candidates.

To participate in the election please see


Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer

==================== Schedule ====================
Linux Australia Committee 2006

Election for the committee members to take Linux Australia through 2006!

The current time is: 13/12/2005 06:12. All dates and times are server
time, not your local time.
Item    	Start    	End    	Status
Visible 	06/12/2005 18:12 	  	visible
Nominations 	07/12/2005 18:12 	12/01/2006 00:01 	open
Advertise Candidates 	07/12/2005 18:12 	  	visible
Voting 	18/01/2006 00:01 	25/01/2006 00:01 	not yet open
Results 	25/01/2006 00:01 	  	not available

===================== Positions ====================
The following positions are being voted on:

President (1)
    Linux Australia is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of
LA according to the LA vision. The President often has to speak on
behalf of LA to the press, other organisations, and the community. The
President effectively need to keep the committee and other individuals
enthused and progressive in their work for LA and the wider community.

Vice-President (1)
    The Vice President supports the President in all Presidential
responsibilities, as well as taking over in these duties when the
President is unable.

Secretary (1)
    The Secretary must ensure all member details are kept up to date
and accessible. The Secretary also takes the minutes and ensures that
the minutes are accessible. The Secretary is responsible for any
necessary correspondence between the members and committee.

Treasurer (1)
    smooth running of the organisation from an accounting point of
view. All monies are to be collected and payments authorised. Correct
books need to be kept showing the financial affairs of the
organisation. The treasurer typically also has to work closely with
the LCA (http://linux.conf.au) team to ensure that LCA is properly
funded by LA.

    See Section 17 of the Constitution for full details:

Ordinary Committee Members (3)
    The Ordinary Committee Members help with the running of the
organisation, help push initiatives that fall into the scope of the LA
vision, and generally keep some sanity in the organisation.

================= Nominations ======================

There must be at least 2 nominations for somebody before they can
become a candidate. The following nominations exist:


    * Jonathan Oxer (jon at oxer.com.au) was nominated by:
          o Jeffery Fernandez (developer at jefferyfernandez.id.au)
          o Tony Breeds (tony at bakeyournoodle.com)
            Jon has done a gret job of leading LA since election. He
needs to be able to continue the work he has started.


    * Pia Waugh (greebo at pipka.org) was nominated by:
          o James Purser (purserj at k-sit.com)
            Over the last three years, Pia has shown her worth as both
President and Vice President. I think the committee still needs her so
here's my nomination.
          o Andrew Donnellan (ajdlinux at gmail.com)

    * Anthony Towns (aj at azure.humbug.org.au) was nominated by:
          o Andrew Pollock (me at andrew.net.au)
            Anthony's been involved with Linux Australia and the FOSS
community in Australia for a number of years now. He ran for the
Debian Project Leader earlier this year, and so clearly has leadership
aspirations. I'd like to nominate him for the vice-president next
          o Jonathan Oxer (jon at oxer.com.au)
            AJ is insightful and level-headed with an excellent
understanding of the local FOSS scene. He has been a valuable member
of the committee and I'd like to see his contribution continue.


    * Anthony Towns (aj at azure.humbug.org.au) was nominated by:
          o Michael Still (mikal at stillhq.com)
            Anthony has done a fantastic job in the previous year. His
emails are consise, clear, and timely.
          o Andrew Pollock (me at andrew.net.au)
            I'd like to second Mikal's nomination of AJ. He's always
very level headed, and a wonderful contributor to the Free and Open
Source software community.


    * There are no current nominations for this position.

Ordinary Committee Members

    * Ben Leslie (benno at benno.id.au) was nominated by:
          o Ian Wienand (ianw at gelato.unsw.edu.au)
            Benno is a stalwart member of the Sydney Linux community.
          o Pia Waugh (greebo at pipka.org)
            Benno knows the community well, is a great contributor to
FOSS, is good at getting things done and I think would bring to the LA
ctte ideas and accountability to the community.

    * James Purser (purserj at k-sit.com) was nominated by:
          o Jonathan Oxer (jon at oxer.com.au)
            James has shown a great deal of initiative and enthusiasm
with the work he has put into the LA podcasts and more recently in
kicking the Press Team.
          o Mark Tearle (mark at tearle.com)

===================== Candidates =======================
Ordinary Committee Members

    * James Purser (purserj at k-sit.com)
      Thanks to both Jon and Mark for nominating me. I have been
active in the community for the last six or seven months and in that
time I have started up the LA Updates and taken on the roll of Press
Team leader with the view to better promoting LA and the FOSS
community in general. Being on the committee will help in this role.

======================== End =========================

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