[Linux-aus] melbourne's proposal for LCA 2007

Jason King pizza at netspace.net.au
Mon Dec 12 18:14:02 UTC 2005

OK , here is what the melbourne team sent in as its proposal.
There was a small spreadsheet listing costs per lecture theatre, I left
that out , it didn't seem important to include it.

Proposal for A Linux Conference in Melbourne in 2007.

This is a proposal for the next available Linux conference location city
to be Melbourne, in Victoria. We believe we have an ideal location , at
the University of Melbourne , where we can hold the conference. ,
specifically centered around the economics and commerce building , with
some rooms in the nearby old arts building used as well. The dates we
have chosen to hold the conference on are between the 30th of January ,
and the 5th of February , 2007. This is later than other LCA's have
been , and it allows the conference to miss the Australia Day public

The first Linux conference was held in melbourne , in 1999, at Monash
university. We don't want to hold it there this time , due to its remote
location and limited means of access by public transport.

Melbourne is a nicely spread out city with an extensive public transport
network. Trams stop right outside both sides of the university, and
allow easy access to the city centre. We plan on giving all conference
attendees a weekly ticket for public transport , to allow them to see
the city in the way they choose.

We have been given a pricelist of what lecture theatres will cost per
day to rent , based on that list , plus some guesses about how many
streams we will have, and mini-conferences we will hold, and how much we
will be charged to clean the rooms each day, and supervision, we can
make an estimate on the cost of renting the rooms for the conference.
That estimate (5 mini conferences and 4 streams) seems to be
approximately $20115.

The university has a nearby bookstore , and student union hall where
meals of varying tastes may be purchased. There is also a computer
store, newsagent, small supermarket and pub. The university's lecture
theatres can be video linked , which allows us more flexibility to where
we hold the conference. 

There are large areas nearby to allow for congregation of attendees, one
of those is covered , the other is outside, but can have a large “sail”
attached to defend against the rain. 

Accommodation for the conference will mainly involve one university
college , called Trinity College. We have an initial estimate from them
on room costs , which will be $65 per night for bed and breakfast. They
have 250 rooms to allocate to us , but the other colleges will be happy
to join in and offer rooms for those who need them. Wireless internet
access in the rooms will not be a problem. The college is less than 5
minute walk away 

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