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The Linux Australia Mirroring Project sub-committee would like to make
another report on its activities and progress to date.

In September, we took the mirror live, and it is currently serving up
mirrors of:

- the Linux kernel
- Debian
- LiveLAMP
- SLUG multimedia
- the linux.conf.au 2005 video
- LUV multimedia

We're also the primary source for the Linux Australia Update podcasts, which
has taken a load off James Purser in terms of outgoing bandwidth.

We've been added into the Linux Kernel Archive Mirror System (LKAMS), and
are officially listed as an Australian Linux kernel mirror[1]. We're yet to get
officially promoted to a tier-1 Debian mirror, so we're holding off getting
Debian to advertise us until we are. Once they do, we expect to see a
significant increase in outgoing bandwidth.

[1] http://www.kernel.org/mirrors/countries/html/AU.html

In terms of disk utilisation, we've passed the half way mark. We still need
to pursue Ubuntu and Gentoo (we've informally pinged Ubuntu but not heard
anything back), and see what else is out there that we can mirror that will
be of benefit to the community.

We also need to look into getting a logo. Pascal Klein has sent us some
preliminary artwork, but we've been a bit tardy in getting back to him.

This month, we've served over 30GB of content via HTTP. You can view some
statistics[2] on an ongoing basis. We hope to add FTP statistics in the
coming month.

[2] http://mirror.linux.org.au/statistics

We probably won't be making any more regular reports as we enter the
steady-state operational phase of the project. Be sure to check the website
(we are also feeding announcements to Planet Linux Australia) for further



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