[Linux-aus] Penguin suits grant proposal: tux tummy religion

Leon Brooks leon-linuxaus at cyberknights.com.au
Sun Dec 4 12:28:02 UTC 2005

On Saturday 03 December 2005 15:36, Andrew Donnellan wrote:
> DSL wrote:
>> Part of the Perennial Tradition or Philosophy is that the
>> worshippers "eat their God" a la communion for example. I wonder if
>> in 25 years time whether Tux will be seen as a god along with
>> Allah, Yhwh and Krishna :)

> That's what catholics believe.

I'd actually be more worried about the worshippers of Molech, who tossed 
their firstborn into the flaming lap of a metal idol of their deity as 
a sacrifice.

Which is where we get the tradition of sitting on Santa's lap from, if 
you want a topical/timely connection. (-:

I have to report that genuine maple syrup (symbolising the natural 
origins and sweet performance of FOSS) overlain with whipped cream 
(symbolising the pure whiteness of Tux's intentions, coupled with a 
subtle hint of cows-with-guns where getting rough with him is 
concerned) seems to form an acceptable (albeit definitely not lo-cal or 
vegan) offering.

For vegan results, I guess any one of meny vegan icecream recipes would 
do the job in great deliciousness.

For lo-cal, I think you're basically SOL, but you could try a wholemeal 
flour heavy in LSA and other hy-fibe ingredients, and top with a 
sugarless jam.

> Just back from a flamewar session on slashdot after I posted a
> pro-intelligent design comment. 

Yeah, well, what did you expect? It's kind of like flinging a handful of 
pork mince across a parade full of orange robes. (-:

Which gives me an idea. Well, OK, maybe maybe not a _good_ idea, as 
such, but nevertheless an idea... (-:

Perhaps Tux could join the ranks of the Invisible Pink Unicorn and the 
Flying Spaghetti Monster as the Self Created One, He Who Arose From 
Nothing In Small Incremental Steps in order to Coordinate The Legions 
Of The Just in their Mission To Eternally Damn The Beast From Redmond?

Cheers; Leon

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