[Linux-aus] Wrong medium, wrong market

David Ruwoldt david.ruwoldt at adelaide.edu.au
Mon Dec 12 10:26:02 UTC 2005

Dear All,

If you want to promote the LCA to a wider audience I would use IT 
magazines. There are many people out their that just do not know the 
conference is on. In order to promote through IT magazines you need to 
find an angle that the magazines think is relevant at the time they will 
publish. Like virus threats, broadband optins etc. Magazines often run 
themes for each publication so you need an angle that fits in with the 
theme for that publication. It may mean a number of articles need to be 
written by people, or a number of people will need to be ready to offer 
an interview so the right angle can be given to for the article to go 
into the magazine.

So as an example. If the Mag was going on about viruses you would need 
someone to discuss how Linux and associated software is not affected by 
viruses. Talk about E-mail, types of viruses and how linux avoids the 
effects of these viruses. And how LCA is a great place to find out about 
such things like this and other benefits.

The important part is that the spiel includes the fact that there is an 
LCA and where more information can be gotten.

What you may want to do, is try and convince a number of bussiness IT 
magazines to promote the conferance through articles. A little more 
tricky as their articles tend to be more business focused and they do 
not seem to be so interested in Linux. This would then start to get the 
conference information to Managers.

The other side is to take out full page adds in a couple of magazines as 
well. This costs lots of money when compared with articles and 
interviews. If you got an article or interview into a Mag it would make 
sense to also have and advert for the conference in the Mag to reinforce 
the fact it was on.

Just my thoughs.

Yours sincerely

David Ruwoldt

Andrew Donnellan wrote:

> On 12/12/05, Paul Coldrey <paul at ensigma.com.au> wrote:
>>I think this is the answer. Every month or two some journalist who has
>>heard of Open Source decides to write an article in a major paper or
>>magazine. A couple of years ago these articles tended to be completely
>>uninformed shite. Nowadays they seem to be becoming ever-so-slightly
>>more informed version of shite. If we could find a way to get a few more
>>of the salient advantages of Linux / Open Source into these articles
>>(hopefully at the expense of some reworded M$ marketing drivel) then I
>>think it would reach a much larger audience and be far more compelling
>>that late night TV advertising. Plus it would be free which fits in with
>>the LA marketing budget :-)
> You really can't trust journalists to do this. These articles will say
> some of the linux advantages (free ads for us) then say some of
> Windows' benefits (what we don't really want).
> andrew
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