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Re: [Linux-aus] Re: [LACTTE] Linux Trade Mark


conz@cyber.com.au said:
> There would have been no paranoia if this request to businesses had been
> telegraphed through the normal channels for weeks or months prior to the
> emails going out. If Jeremy expected issues and didn't cater for them, then
> this is bad practice.

Thirty five years of experience tells me that no matter what you do in a
community like this, there will always be confusion and paranoia...the only
question is, "How much".

I think that most of the paranoia is coming from people that have no
trademark, no interest in having a trademark, no willingness to go to the
LMI site to see what is going on, and just want to "speculate" on
something...anything.  This is the true "Slashdot effect".

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