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Re: [Linux-aus] Grant request

<quote who="Michael Still">

> Davyd Madeley wrote:
> > Manbo is currently taking around 11 hours, it has fast disks (Seagate
> > Cheetahs, I think) and lots of RAM, so what we need is a CPU speed
> > boost.
> 11 hours is a long time. Are there other people on the Gnome team who can
> comment on if such a machine is suited to their needs?

Sure. There's a lot of work going into tinderbox stuff at the moment, and
we're really hanging out for the opportunity to use some of the exceptional
tools Sun are shipping with Solaris 10 (dtrace being the most obvious). More
power for the UCC machine would allow us to do more regular builds, increase
automated testing coverage (I'm really looking forward to this) and let more
developers have CPU time for testing.

I would like to know if UCC will be able to provide access to developers
working on other projects - I think that will be awesome for Aussie FOSS
hackers. :-)

(Davyd, have you thought of asking Sun if they're interested in sponsoring
this? They may have some refurbished hardware handy to donate.)

- Jeff

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