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Re: [Linux-aus] Grant request

Davyd Madeley wrote:

> The machine manbo has been upgraded with fast disks and lots of RAM
> (around 11G), what we want to do now is upgrade the CPUs. For AUD$1300,
> plus shipping, we can order 20 new CPUs for this machine, increasing its
> processing power by a factor of around 4x.

I looked at the UCC web page for the machine, and it's currently chock
full of slow CPU goodness. Could you provide information about:

 - the speed of the new CPUs
 - are they new? Warranty?
 - how much time will it take to perform an average regression run [1]?
 - would this sort of project benefit more from donated CPU time on
something[2] like the spanking IBM hardware that just got loaned to ANU?


1: I know nothing about tinderbox, but I want to know if your machine
would always be behind reality, or always waiting for now work.

2: That is, I'm raising the concept, not commiting the ANU machines, as
that is outside my power.


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