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[Linux-aus] Fwd: SFDWorldWide!

Begin forwarded message:
From: Matt Oquist <moquist@softwarefreedomday.org>
Date: 13 August 2005 4:52:15 AM
To: moquist@softwarefreedomday.org
Subject: SFDWorldWide!

SFD Team Leaders,

http://maitri.ubuntu.com/softwarefreedomday/wiki/index.php/ SFDWorldWide
is a great new way that we can show where our teams are located. I've
put in a few of the team locations now, but only roughly. This map
will look the best once we've all added/updated our entries, so take
5 minutes and put yourself on the SFD map!

You will need to know your longitude and latitude, and there are some
links on the page to help you find them.


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